The Marry-Go-Round

A musical by Laurie Heatherington

Music by Roger Quick

Additional Music by Laurie Heatherington, Carole Clarke & Mike Sparks

November 1996

Thursday 28th at 7.45
Friday 29th at 7.45pm
Saturday 30th at 3.00pm and 7.00pm

There are some pictures on The Marry-Go-Round gallery page

The Play is set in the Town hall of the mid-European town of Pfefferburg.

The time is the Spring of 1905

The Groom's Party
Rudi Nudkin, The GroomDavid Brown
Hilda Nudkin, His MotherMargaret Johnson
Matty Zadek, His AuntJudith Shrank
Jakob Zadek, His CousinAdam Crawford
Addi Anders, The Best ManDave Constable
The Bride's Party
Trudi Stockhof, The BrideDonna-Marie Kealey
Leon Stockhof, Her FatherMike Sparks
Vikki, Her Sisters and BridesmaidsJessica Mori
HeidiZoe Prendergast
Gretel, Their GovernessKay Sugihara
The Officials
Albert Roskol, The Mayor, To perform the ceremonyStephen Sewell
Anna, His Secretary, To see he gets it rightCarol R Brown
The Town Sweep, To bring good luckPaul Sparks
The Waitress, To bring the food and drinkAnn Hefford
The Uninvited Guests
Major Pipkin, of the Royal Houshold BrigadeStewart Shrank
Anton Haydn, almost a strangerSpencer Clayton
Hansel, Choirboy from All HallowsTom Savage
Ayshen Osman
Beryl Cotton
Eimear Sugihara
Barabara-Anne Lewin
John Parnwell
Sally Martin
Production Team
DirectorLaurie Heatherington
Musical DirectorCarole Clarke
FluteFiona Soutar
CelloJill Clarke
ClarinetPeter Fells
Drums/PercussionCharles Harvey
PianoCarole Clarke
Stage ManagerTom Rees
CostumeChristine Fells
Pat Isaacs
Jenny Sparks
Company ManagerEileen Parnwell
assisted by Alan Wareing
LightingBrian Clayfield
John Savage
Jon Sparks
Michael Abbott
Lighting DesignChris Newton
SoundChris Newton
Dave Constable
Set byJohn Savage
John Parnwell
Norman Burgess
Set painted byTony Heath
PrompterFiona Soutar
Front of HouseNorman & Betty Burgess

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